International Concert Series

The International Concert Series at Steiner Hall is now over half through the season and the last two concerts included my String Quartet no.1 Opus 56 performed by the Ligeti Quartet as well as the Trio for Piano, Violin and Viola “Joy and Woe” performed by the Ariel Trio

with Rivka Golani – Viola, Tadasuke Lijima – Violin, Michael Hampton – Piano

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Update 21.02.2018

So a long time has passed since I updated this website. I have had the domain since 2004 or so but I have now decided to stick with this site.
In the first instance I am proud to say that the International Concert Series at Steiner Hall in London (ICS for short) is now in its fourth series and I am thrilled with the standard of the performances. This season my partner Louis Demetrius Alvanis and I have organised 12 events.  
In addition I recently had the good fortune to hear Danaë Killian perform my 2004 piano works “Two Minds opus 73” in full in a programme with Bach Goldberg Variations and Schoenberg’s Six small pieces.
On 17th Feb the Ligeti Quartet gave the first live performance of my String Quartet No.1 opus 56.
I also very much look forward to the Ariel Trio performing my “Joy and Woe” trio for Violin, Viola and Piano on Saturday 24th Feb. –