Update 21.02.2018

So a long time has passed since I updated this website. I have had the gbrinch.com domain since 2004 or so but I have now decided to stick with this site.
In the first instance I am proud to say that the International Concert Series at Steiner Hall in London (ICS for short) is now in its fourth series and I am thrilled with the standard of the performances. This season my partner Louis Demetrius Alvanis and I have organised 12 events.  
In addition I recently had the good fortune to hear Danaë Killian perform my 2004 piano works “Two Minds opus 73” in full in a programme with Bach Goldberg Variations and Schoenberg’s Six small pieces.
On 17th Feb the Ligeti Quartet gave the first live performance of my String Quartet No.1 opus 56.
I also very much look forward to the Ariel Trio performing my “Joy and Woe” trio for Violin, Viola and Piano on Saturday 24th Feb. –

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