Latest Premiere in London and in Dornach, Switzerland

It was a real treat to hear my Andante Moderato played by the inimitable Louis Demetrius Alvanis. His playing of my piece was very well receives by the audience. The whole concert was in fact a tour de force by this remarkable duo.

On 15th March there was a conference in Dornach, near Basel on the theme of the Intervals. I was not able to attend this so I sent my piece for Solo piano Peace Prelude as a contribution to the theme, as it is composed with a strong sense of the intervals.
At the opening of the conference it was performed by Johannes Greiner:

Lieber Gregers,ich habe heute Abend beim Kolloquium Dein Peace Prelude gespielt. Es war sehr schön und ist gut angekommen. Wir waren etwa 27 Menschen. Da hast Du etwas Schönes geschaffen!

Liebe Grüsse