CV and Biographical Notes


CV and Biographical Notes
Biographical notes and C.V.

I draw my musical inspiration from many sources. In particular I am inspired by the qualities of the musical intervals, which, by association, make me commit to a sense of tonality in general. But also the timbre of voices and instruments drives my musical ideas resulting in my experiencing the instruments and the elements of music as being human expressions without intellectual content, more like concentrated soul-expression and soul-experience undergone by the human being. In my composition I aim to invite the listener to anticipate and yet I allow the music to challenge as well. In a compositional process I experience an interplay between myself and the will of the piece itself. I have the experience of an entity that wishes to express itself and yet does not dictate. It is at one and the same time a riddle and a guide. In turn, my task is to discern its nature and reveal this to the audience. As a result of my study into the basic elements of music and my appreciation of all genres of music, my tonal language is a synthesis of various genres. In addition, my inspiration is stimulated by my passion for drama. As well as being an aspiring painter in my teens, I was a keen actor. Before devoting myself to composition at age 20 I appeared in a number of Shakespeare plays (including appearing in Macbeth at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival) leading to a life-long love of the Shakespeareís works. Playing the part of Peer in Ibsen’s Peer Gynt in 2011 has given me a new boost in that direction. My native Denmark, with its coastline of long beaches and rolling sand dunes that were the joy of my childhood, provides me with a feeling for a wide natural landscape. It was here I developed a lifelong love of birds and nature. These elements find their way into the music, I suppose, but I donít consciously attempt to portray them. Upon completing an intensive period of autodidactic training with the help of Cecil Cope and Louis Alvanis, I entered the Musikseminar in Hamburg, Germany to study composition with Elmar Lampson (now called Alfred Schnittke Akademie International Here I graduated with diplomas in composition and piano in 1992 and went on to teach in adult education both in Hamburg and at Emerson College, Sussex, England. During this time I continued to devote more time to developing my compositional direction. In 2001 I gave up my secure post there in order to pursue composing more fully,and my compositional output has increased from this time onwards. I am member of Brighton New Music in the UK and Komvest in Copenhagen, Denmark. My works have been performed frequently in the UK (including the Wigmore Hall) as well as in Denmark, Germany and France. In addition to the CD ‘Blue Harmony’ which features my piano-works recorded by internationally acclaimed pianist Diana Baker, the CD ‘Harmonious Dissonance’ which includes my String Quartet No.1 was released on Parma Records in USA in June 2010. The collaboration with award-winning Flautist Julie Groves and Whitbread-Prize winning author Lindsay Clarke has resulted in a number of works for Baritone and Flute and Flute solo on the theme of Parzival.


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