Performers and Patrons

The cellist Rohan De Saram, the pianist William Hancox, the violinists Jonathan Truscott and Josef Gazsi as well as the Bergersen String Quartet have recorded a number of chamberworks which will feature on a series of CDs entitled Brinch for Claudio Records with sound engineer Colin Atwell

Other performers who have performed my works over the years

Carmina Chamberchoir Kopenhagen
Hymnia Chamberchoir
Exaudi Vocal Ensemble
Myriad Ensemble (wind quintet)
The Bergersen String Quartet.
Julie Groves – flute
Rohan De Saram – Cello
Kristal Hamson, Clarinet
Eric Klein – Violin
Michael Jones – Piano
Jardena Flueckiger – Soprano
Stephan Aube – Piano
Jonathan De La Paz Zaens – Baritone
Gabriele Wiethe – Violin

Vit Muzik, Igor Kopyt, Michal Mares, Antonin Hradil –
for String Quartet No.1 on CD Harmonious Dissonance
Louis Demetrius Alvanis – Piano,
Shereen Godber – Violin,
Sylvia Trench – Piano,
Christoph Quadflieg – Tenor,
Vasja Legisha – Cello,
Adolfo Barabino – Piano,
Jonathan Truscott – Violin,
Patricia Calnan – Violin,
Jinny Shaw – Oboe,
Jakob Lorentzen – Composer/Conductor/Organist,
Graabroedre Chamberchoir Copenhagen,
William Hancox – piano,
Noa Lachmann – Soprano,
Esther Levin – Soprano
Hitoshi Matsumoto – Tenor,
Akiko Koizumi – Piano,
Kyoko Inadome – Composer/piano,
Alan Newcombe – Piano,
Alan Browne – Piano,
‘Arion’ String Quartet Copenhagen,
Ditte Højgaard Andersen – Soprano,
George Robertson – Viola,
Howard Moody – Conductor/Composer/Pianist
The Jupiter Chamber Orchestra,
Ben Hess – Cello,
Adelheid Jorberg – Violin,
Elmar Lampson – Composer/Conductor,
Paul Cheneour – Flute,
Martin Sonneveld – Violin,
Marianne Sonneveld – Viola,
Edwin Kobbe – Cello,
Gabi Greub – Violin,
Simon Austin – Composer/choirconductor of Sussex Cantorum,
Rivka Golani – Viola,
Interval Ensemble – Chamber Choir leader Gregers Brinch,
List of Patrons

  • Dr. Miau from Taipei, Taiwan has been an extraordinary patron of my works and has covered a great deal of the costs of the CDs with Claudio Records. She has my undying gratitude.
  • Sue Breetzke
  • Philip and Katherine Bevan
  • Georg and Angela Locher
  • Joan Brinch
  • Corinna Luedtke
  • Emilia Ransom
  • Rainer Schnurre
  • GLS Bank Germany
  • Mary-anne Patterson
  • Peter Ramm
  • Friedwart Krueger
  • Christoph Quadflieg
  • Dr. James Dyson

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